My Evangelion Fanfiction


        Chapter One:  Arrival / New Feathers / Meeting

        Chapter Two:  Temple / Wall & Town / New Room & Work

        Chapter Three:  Routine / Winter / Ambush

        Chapter Four:  Visitors / Ikari's Dream / Judgment

        Chapter Five:  00 / Pariah / Visitations

        Chapter Six:  Second Summer / Nemu's Day / Quartet

        Chapter Seven:  Bending the Rules / Sin-Bound / Trapped

        Chapter Eight:  Koan / Moving / Gestation & Birth

        Chapter Nine:  Seika / Choice Cuts / Warning

        Chapter Ten:  Biology Lesson / The Guardian / Flirt

        Chapter Eleven:  Mustn't Run Away

        Chapter Twelve:  Into the Abyss / Confessions / Fight for Life

        Chapter Thirteen:  Hedgehog's Solution / Sentences / Adversaries

        Chapter Fourteen:  Homecoming / Rakka Interruptus / Absolution

        Chapter Fifteen:  Fourth Summer / Lilith's Return / The Light


Neon Genesis Claymore

        Chapter One:  The Seventy-Fifth Generation

        Chapter Two:  Siblings

        Chapter Three:  The Project Revealed

        Chapter Four:  Stirrings


My Farscape Fanfiction

What Not To Expect When...

The Joy Division

The Delvian Operation

House Call

The Way We Weren't - Coda

Alternative Universe Short #1


Noble Truths

A Light Before the Dark:

        Part 1:  NC-17 Version  PG-13 Version

        Part 2 - Girl Talk

        Part 3 - Aeryn Flux